David Johnson is a Northern Irish Broadcaster who dabbles in all thing Irish VoiceOver, Radio & TV related. Followed on Twitter by 32,000 hoomans (@DavidJohnsonUK), David has spent his broadcasting career clocking up live hours presenting all the major UK radio groups and over 4000+ hours of live TV on 3 terrestrial and 4 satellite channels.

David is a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" and if you've come looking him,
you know exactly what you're going to get. Maybe you want Eamonn Holmes, Colin Murray or Rory McIlroy but haven't got that size of a budget. This instantly recognizable Irish VoiceOver is the next best thing!

With 30 years in the industry David "gets it". He knows how to deliver a script, he's not afraid to offer suggestions or alternatives which he feels will improve your project and more than anything he puts 110% into everything.

If it's a TV or corporate project you want to hire David for, he's a natural at auto-cue, can talk to time and after delivering 3 1/2 hours of live unscripted television for 5 days a week for 3 years - he can talk for Ireland.

Think Irish VoiceOver - think David Johnson.

David is known in the industry for his very quick VOICEOVER turnaround, flexibility & PROFESSIONALISM.





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Ireland’s finest genuine male voiceover

Irish VoiceOver David currently works between ITV in London, Belfast and Manchester at Abbot Meadow Studios, with almost 24/7 availability and delivery via Cleanfeed, MP3, WAV, FTP, ISDN (by appointment).
Irish VoiceOver

Currently David can be heard LIVE on the ITV Network before & after all your favourite shows


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